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Hi Laurel:)
Glad you enjoyed the photo!!!!Asti and minka are doing great!!!

Asti is my big opihi:) such a snuggle:)
Minka is sooo smart and full of drive!!!! we have started tracking and bite work!!! def gonna go for her bh and

Schutzhund 1 in November. I'm planning to come to Hilo in April for the nationals:)
would be great to meet you in person!!! love them both soo much!!!! thanks for the amazing dogs!!!

Dia B. Kauai 1/17/2014


Aloha Laurel,  Just wanting to inform u that Nugget arrived this evening!!! ( just a bit late which ended up being Ok bcuz I had a hard time finding cargo.)  Anyway, she arrived and all I have to say is that she is "ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!"  She is much sweeter than I could have ever imagined! Thank you very much for working w me! I appreciate your kindness as well as you being so straight forward and up front w me about everything up to and including the transaction and transport!  I would be happy to provide references or anything that u may need in the future! Again, Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo!
Kym James

Anyone considering bringing a German Shepherd dog into their family, contact the Alpha K-9 Kennels.

From my first conversation with Laurel Young, the owner/operator, I knew she was the perfect person to help me acquire my pup. She truly cares about matching the right dog to the right family. Her level of integrity in which she runs her business and services she provides is matched by her vast knowledge that gives reassurance and comfort to her clients.

Laurel carefully makes certain that the prospective breeding pair both have clean bills of health before she allows them to mate which produces healthy, strong pups. She gives up to date progress reports on the “moms” once they conceive and continues giving updates throughout the entire process including photos of the parents.
When the pups are born, she sends personal emails with photos. Then with a discerning eye, Laurel watches the pups and provides information to help make the best selection for what one is looking for in their dog.

There are so many really nice things Laurel does throughout the process. To mention all of the kindnesses here may take away from your experience of delight and surprise.I’ll just say that she provides truly excellent, professional yet friendly and thoughtful services, which is what you want during such a deeply personal process.

My puppy is healthy, happy and adjusted immediately to me and her new environment. I attribute this calm transition to all Laurel does in preparation for the puppies move to their forever home.

I whole heartedly recommend Laurel Young of Alpha K-9 Kennels to find the best choices in German Shepherd dogs and dog services.

       Rev. Captain Sheoli Makara, M.A. (Kailua-Kona Hawaii)10-2013

I just wanted to say thank you Laurel for bringing Max into our lives. Everyone in our family loves him. He is very smart and loves to chase the ball around the yard. Max loves to be both indoors and outdoors and is already able to let us know when he wants to go outside to do his business and he's only 10 weeks old. He loves ice cubes and anything water related. His ears just came up last week and he looks like he's going to be a big healthy German Shepherd. He is very loving and affectionate with us as we are to him. Thank you again :)
The Morgan Family 10-30-2013

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Please view the link below to see an amazing,   high flying disc dog on the beautiful beaches of Maui.


Nick and I would be delighted if you used the video in your web site.
Yes, Dazel is a fun loving dog. Always ready to please, with a great attitude. To help her with her jumping,
we watch her weight carefully, feeding 3 measured meals a day. Don't want any excess weight on her hips.
( Although, I think she would rather play Frisbee than eat). She and Wheezy often romp together with "puppy" play,
which is nice for both of them.

Much aloha,  John, Nick, Wheezy and Dazel.  Kula, Maui April 2012


Attached is a picture of Colt.....He was certified last May as a Search and Rescue dog. He is a nationally certified Canine SARTECH III-Area search dog. Just thought you would like to see how he is doing and what he has accomplished. I am so proud of him!!! Great Dog!!!! Thank you for everything!!
L. Overmyer, Kapaa, Kauai January 25. 2012



Thank you for a beautiful dog. She is so funny! Training is going well. She is the Makena Resort and Golf club mascot!

Makena resort,  Wailea Maui.April 2012

Thank you for selecting Rajah(Q litter 2012) for us.  She is so beautiful and smart!!

Perfect for our family.

L. Symonds, Wailuku, Maui April 2012

Abe has made us so happy. He sleeps with me every night. He weighs 87 lbs at 9 months and is very active. He is exactly what I was looking for in a pick of the litter male. Thank You!  R. W. Kahului, Maui, April 2012

Just wanted to update you on Bear. (S litter 2012)  He is doing great! He's the sweetest (and the largest) puppy anyone has ever met! 

Today he decided he likes the ocean!

L. Putnam, Kaneohe HI, April 2012

Jet (Q litter) is doing amazing...growing everyday it seems. He is just so dang smart. We do a little training everyday and I keep forgetting he is only 3.5 months old. He will "heal" almost the whole way on our walk, right up to the part when we are near the house and he knows it so he gets ahead and pulls a little, but it is less and less each walk. He will also do a sit/down stay with me about 15 feet away. I also tried, in the house, a sit stay with me going around the corner for about 5 seconds...lol...he did so good!!! He is amazing and focused, a little lazy on his sit, but then again he is only 3.5 months old. All the training is with his food, again amazing dog!!!! Thank you so much for everything!!!

E. Burpo , Santa Rita,  Guam, February 10, 2012

Hello Laurel!

                                            Baron (I litter) made the trip over without much fanfare. He couldn't make the jump up onto the tailgate, but he had no problem entering thru the side door and then into the cage for the ride home.I'm bonding with him and continuing his obedience training.

He is an excellent watch dog.

On his walks, passersbys comment on how beautiful he is, and he turns heads as people drive by, nodding.

 It's a credit to Alpha K-9 Kennels and your Breeding Program for German Shepherds.

He's getting alot of excercise to build muscles and stamina, kind of uncoordinated at the moment,

but he's finding his "legs" by "leaps and bounds." Man, I just love him.

Aloha and Mahalo,

J. C. of Honolulu , January 2012

                         Hi Laurel,

I just wanted to send you an email and give you some updates on Ash.  He is doing fantastic, and settled in to our home extremely well.  He is incredibly smart, picking up on things almost instantaneously.  We trained him to respond to hand signals as well as words, so the majority of the time we don't even have to say a word to get him to do what we want.  He is definitely a good looking dog.  We get so many compliments on him all the time when we show pictures to our friends, or when we take him out.  He is growing extremely fast, he has put on almost 12 lbs since we got him.  He now weighs a healthy 22 lbs at 10 1/2 weeks.  He was house trained within the first week we got him home.  We have slat blinds over our back door, and he will run through them to get our attention, and then sit in front of the door until we get there.   He hasn't even tried to chew on our furniture hardly, probably due to the fact that he has three or four stuffed animals and a "bone" constantly to chew on.  My wife and I are extremely happy to have him, and I recommend you as a breeder to anyone who asks me.  And to a lot of people who don't ask.  Ha ha.  He is definitely the addition my wife and I wanted to our family.  He is a lot of work to take care of, but the joy we get from having him far out weighs it.  Thank you so much.

                                                                     Trent Warren,  D litter 2010, Honolulu, Hawaii


In mid 2009 I visited Alpha K-9 Kennels on the Big Island and met 
Laurel Young. I was impressed with her professionalism, the kennel 
layout and the beauty of the dogs.  When I returned to Maui, I told my 
son Nick of how impressed I was with Laurel's breeding program.
I have had 2 male GSD previously, but at that point the timing was not 
right for me to acquire a dog.

In January of 2010, Nick told me he reserved a puppy from one of Alpha 
K-9 litters for my birthday.  Nick has a female heeler /  terrier mix 
named Wheezey,  who is
laid back and easy with people and other dogs. Nick wanted a dog that 
would fit in and described  the situation to Laurel.  Laurel used her 
own judgement and picked out a beautiful female which we acquired at 
eight weeks of age. I was ecstacic.

"Dazel" has been with us for 3 weeks now and is, as far as one can 
tell, a fine GSD. Dazel is black and tan, learns fast, and is very 
smart. We, Nick ,Wheezy and I, are most appreciative of Laurel's 
ability to pick out a GSD for our family that has fitted in so well.

Our trusted veterinarian of 20 years examined her and was impressed 
with her overall features. All of the registration documents, sales 
contract and paper work was handled by Laurel on time and perfectly.

Anyone thinking about acquiring a German shepherd would be doing 
themselves a favor by making certain they contact Alpha K-9 Kennels 
and Laurel Young.


John Netleship
Maui, HI
February 27, 2010

Hi Laurel,
Happy New Year!! Hope you folks had a great holiday season!!  Colt is doing great ears straight up and we have decided we think he is part kangaroo!! :) He can jump!! We try not to let him because he is so young but he leaps and jumps around when he plays in our yard it is the funniest thing ever.  He is such a great dog very confident, motivated and loves to work!! He has no issues with other dogs and in fact him and Cuda have become great friends.  Here are some pictures of colt doing some bite work my camera was not working very well so the pics are not the greatest but hope you like them  he is soooo handsome!!  Take care!!

Lisa Overmyer

 Kapaa, Kauai    January 2010

Laurel, Took Kiani to the vet to check on her weight. She's 46 lbs. They said she looks real healthy.

She turns 6 months on the 7th. She is so beautiful. Everyone  that sees her wants to know where I got her.

She still needs some obedience training, but she protects our property already. Also is a wonderful companion to my grandson.

Thanks again, Michele 

Pukalani, Maui 2010

Hello Laurel,

Got Kai this afternoon and he was in excellent shape. He’s just a very handsome GSD. Puppy, very attentive and has very bright eyes. His temperament is fantastic by what I can tell so far, he is not afraid of anything. I know that I made the right choice in picking him out without coming over there. Thank you very much in all of your help in this long term relationship with this beautiful GSD. I will be keeping in touch with you with health updates and pictures as he matures into adulthood..! He is sound asleep as of right now. He did not put up any fuss about staying in his crate for the night.  I gave him ¾ cup of food when I got him home, and you were right!! He totally inhaled his food which kinda freaked me out…lol. And he was looking for more food afterwards.  Well again, Thank you very much he is safe and sound here in Kauai. Will talk soon for sure. Have a very good weekend…….Tony  Lihue, Kauai 10-09

Hi Laurel,

           I hope your weekend went well. Koa is doing extremely well and we couldn't be happier with our decision. I am attaching the letter that I should have got to you about a week ago. I also wanted to ask you if you could send me a handful of your business cards. I have had no less than half a dozen people in the last 2 weeks ask me about the dog and complained about trying to find an Aussie breeder here in Hawaii. If I could give them your card it would guarantee that they find your website. Its the least I can do for all the help you gave me. Just this weekend alone I was stopped by a car  driving down the road and asked where I got the dog from. Let me know if you need my address again or anything.

                                                                  Take care, Aaron Honolulu, 10-09

Hi Laurel,

We are so proud of our Freddy that we have to send you a picture of him @ 8 months old. 

 He is truly more than we had dreamed of, thanks to you, Prince & Carly!



Richard & Jodi Godfrey, Honolulu 10-09



I just wanted to give you a quick update on Marley, we got her from you about 6 months ago.

Although she was the runt she is 40 lbs now! And just extremely loving.

 She is the best thing that has happened to us.

She's so smart and our Vet says she will continue to grow and that she would never have guessed she was the runt.

Thank you again!

Jesus and Christina Ponce, Honolulu 10-09

Here are a couple pics of the Family with Axel (Zango X Zues)WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

Teneiya Wilson, Honolulu 5-2009

Hi.  Has Aloha Diesel's (Zango X Zues) AKC paperwork came in yet? I attached a picture so you could see how handsome he is.  He's about 20 lbs now.  He's very smart he barks at the door/scratches when he needs to go to the bathroom.  I was soooo surprised at how fast he was potty trained.  Knows sit, stay, lay down, paw, come, down, roll over.  He is doing well.  Hoping he will soon get out of his puppy phase and stop biting.  His ears are fully up. 

Mahalo, Michelle Savey, Honolulu 6-2009

Dear Laurel,
Xena was very impressive from the moment we met.  When I picked her up at the cargo drop, I looked at her and said "hi" and she cocked her head to the side, looked back at me and began wagging her tail.  When I got her home and let her out of the crate, I put her on a leash and introduced her to the yard.  She was very curious and playful.  She was excited about all the leaves and very receptive to the toys.  She played and played.  When she met the boys, she played some more.  I kept her on the leash in the kitchen with me and gave her a kong.  She figured that out very quickly and was pushing it around and getting it out from under the cabinets.  She ate dinner, quickly, in her crate.  She "took a break" outside and slept tethered to my desk while we ate dinner and she fell asleep.  She had another short play session and another trip outside and now she is sleeping soundly under the bedside table in my room.  She is very together and very fun.  We are all enjoying her alot.  I must say the Art of Raising a Puppy is very very helpful.  My dad is visiting and he was so impressed that she was not traumatized by her flight but landed ready to go.  He is sure it's good breeding.  We are off to a good start.  Thank you.  Melinda   Kauai 10-2008

I saw on your website that you have some other pups coming soon. You are gonna have your hands full!!  That is so cute of you to mention her beautiful tail. (Hazzie Aussie Puppy)I love their happy full wagging tails. Thank You for your response and kindness to her eager mother!! I will have great things to share on your website about your business and what a great attitude you have towards your customers! As you know, deciding to bring a dog into your care is a big decision. However the joy that they bring is priceless. Can't wait to see her. Thanks again!

Lanai, Hawaii 10-1-08

Just a note to let you know, "Stella" is wonderful.(U litter Terra x Ness)

She is a great dog and we enjoy her so much.  We have decided not  to

breed but instead will just enjoy her.  But when we decide we want another German

Shepherd to our family we know where we will go and that is to you. Thank you.

She is worth every bit of what we paid for her and more.

The Tollefsons, Hilo10-22-08

Thunder got here safe and sound.  He is just as great so far as you said he
 would be!  From the very moment I picked him up I knew that I had made the
 right decision.  He is seeming to adapt well to my house and is extremely
easy going.  He is, of course, acting as a puppy... happy and explorative.
 We went out to the park, and he carried a tennis ball in his mouth for the
 whole walk.. met another young dog in the park, played a little, and is
 now sleeping right next to his crate.  All in all, I am very impressed!

I thought you all would like to know that every time Thunder and
I go for a walk, he turns heads with everyone.  People are
constantly talking about how handsome and sharp he looks.  They
always comment about how strong and well-bred he looks.  I tend to
agree with all of their assessments.  He really has been a true
blessing.  I gladly tell everyone they should look to Alpha K-9 if
they are looking for a great GSD.

B. Crawford,  J 1LT MIL USA


                    We just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the excellent care Penny received during her
                     3 week stay with you.  Although she’s young at heart and energetic, she is 13 and we worried
                    about leaving her.  We realize she is a special needs dog with all her medications and
                    special feeding instructions and needing a sweater at night, but you guys handled it like
                    champs, especially during a busy holiday time.  Thank you so much for keeping a daily log
                    of her activities.  It helped to assure us she was getting the attention and focus she
                    needed while her parents where away.  I appreciate your prompt email responses to me
                    keeping me updated on how she was doing.  We missed her (unavoidable) but did not
                    worry about her.  We will bring her back when we travel in the future.

                        Thanks again,
                        Jan, DeAnna and Penny.

I just wanted to share a picture of our two beauties Saigon and Kanani. Saigon is a special girl she has been Daddy's girl from day one.  She joined this family after being loved and cared for from you and your family for her first 4 yrs. of life.   We invited her into our home not knowing what to think.

She must have known right away we didn't need her but we wanted her as apart of our family.  She came right into her new home and excepted the change the cats the children running around Mommy going crazy and Daddy in and out.  I must say I had doubt at first bring an older dog into the home.  If there is any doubt in anyone's mind about taking in one if your older dogs, I can only say do it!  She has been so full of Love and dedication not to mention completely trained.
We have had her 4 years now and she is truly this families best friend.  We enjoyed her so much we knew we wanted another one and that's when we saw the face we loved and new right away she was the one. Kanani, Now she is Mommy's girl. I thought oh no we never went threw the whole puppy training thing, but I must tell you it was like she was never a puppy.  
She never chewed a thing but this big big  big  bone bigger then she was she was given the day she got her with the help of her big sister.  Able to stay home with her made it easy to potty train every 20 mins we went outside and before going out I would go to the door and bark until she barked back. A few weeks of that and she was on her own going to the door and letting me know she had to go. Of course she would spend time in the kennel if we went somewhere and threw the night.  The funny thing is we have a lever on the door and the smart dog she is opens the door to let herself out now.  Kanani is a joy she keeps Saigon on her toes and keeps her young.
They are truly two gifts that keep giving year round. You and your family truly breed the finest dogs. They are beautiful, smart and just a joy . Living on a military base security has working dogs and every time they go by and we are outside they stop to tell me how  Beautiful they are and where did we get them. I'm proud to say your name out loud. I don't care where we are in this world as long as you are breeding and we are ready for another family addition Vomyounghaus is the McKinsey Family choice. Thankyou :)

Just short update on Cienna (Q litter Falko x Zango)@ 5 months she is 53# and very lean.
Still doing the same basic obedience, now with a running Platz and Steh both off and on leash.
We have been using the ball and giving a treat on the Brring and her drive for the toy is very high.  She is doing the intro bite things on the burlap sausage on the Packen command.  She knows the Aus for everything from the rocks she likes to the toy.  Still no tracking started at all.
She does all the obedience with Celia very well. We are just turning the corner with her jumping up on every greeting. I bring her into stores and everything generally goes very smooth, she wines and barks  when she sees little kids.  Still very excited with other dogs but plays after a good 15 minutes of posturing and heavy barking.  Shows extreme guarding potential around the house and always lets us know when someone is approaching.  Good contact with friends when she sees everything is calm Sleeps in the crate every night and is in it when we go out.
We'll send a photo over later.  Aloha, Scott, Paia Maui 7-2007

Ted and Laurel, Just thought I would drop a line to let you know how the dogs are doing.  They are gorgeous animals and are behaving perfectly.  I am on ship until September and have been gone since June, but Estrella continues to work with the dogs.  She goes once a week to the military police kennel master to train them.  He was the kennel master for the entire department of defense before arriving in Hawaii.  He is very good and passionate about dog training.  He has helped us bring these dogs a long way towards our goal of having 2 schutzhund 3 animals.  He is confident that they will both make it though.  Phantom (Falko x Terra) is 90lbs at 7 months old.  He was just weighed.  Onyx (Prandy X Zoya) is a solid 60 at 8 months.  We feed them Solid Gold dog food and it keeps them very healthy and energetic.  They both have such a great protection instinct and it gives Estrella great peace of mind while I am gone.  They don’t allow anyone to approach until we give them the ok.  They now sit perfectly with great form after a few pointers from the trainer and we are working grip with them as well.  All the military police dog handlers that have seen Phantom are amazed by how massive this dog is.  They know he is a puppy from looking at him, but can’t believe his size.  Some have asked if he was part St Bernard.  I feel sorry for the person who has to wear the bite sleeve for him.  His bite is deep and extremely strong.  The trainer says his bite is deeper and stronger than most of the MP dogs in his kennel.  You would be proud of how these dogs are doing.  Let me know next time you guys are coming to town, as I am sure that you will realize what great animals we have and furthermore, keep peace of mind that they went to a loving and caring home.

Chris Carpenter
Kailua, Hawaii 7-25-2007

Ted & Laurel,  What can we say except another great job once again from  ALPHA K-9.  (Vom Younghaus) This is now our 3rd. Family Dog from you. Starting in Hawaii with Kanani & Saigon (Dax x Zoya) and now Guam with Rain (Jago X Basia). These dogs are Good Tempered Healthy and just Fantastic Looking..  And when people ask where did they come from? We are proud to say from your Island to ours. With a WOW response.  Vance, Hunter , Logan and I  would like to say Thank You.


Thanks for your email.  We are off to a great start, the plane ride went great with two very friendly attendants, Maile was able to hide on the seat between the kids and not be trapped under the seat.  We had some very positive feedback at the airport about your dogs and that was nice to hear.  We arrived and took her shopping at the Kennel shop for toys and again was asked about her and they knew your dogs as well.  Q litter (Falko x Zango)

It was scary going home, not sure what to expect, but it was amazing how unremarkable yet funny it was.  She clearly became Alpha dog with her presence, so we had to consider naming her Queen.  As she pranced around the house she clearly left the older two in aw… We had bought the all three new bones, but she decided to hide hers and then pranced up and literally stole the other one straight from the 72 lb dog and pranced away to eat it. When I took it back and gave it to him, she did it again.  The other two took to her immediately, although they don’t always recognize their strength. When they went to play tug-a-war with the new toy, she ended up holding on and being dragged around the living room instead of actually playing tug-a-war, but to her credit she hung on long enough to win that toy.  When she figured out that the older ones were not allowed on her bed, she would take all the toys to her space and piled them up…so we’ll have to work on the sharing thing. They all slept together last night, despite having separate beds, it was so cute, my daughter fell asleep in the middle of all of them.  We really love her already. The Rogers-Higa Family Oahu 5-2007

Thought I’d check back in, let you know that Maile is doing wonderful, she is an awesome addition to our home and we are so pleased. She is a feisty little one, full of lots of energy and keeping us on our toes…I thought our goldens were smart, but nothing gets passed her.

After long deliberation, we have decided to spay her…we never considered breeding her, but I am very concerned about surgery and more importantly her recovery time…she is so active, jumping everywhere, that I just cant see her resting to heal….but I know it’s the responsible thing to do….

 Anyway, just wanted to say thanks, will try to get some pictures over to you, she is just so beautiful, we are so happy.  My daughter saw that her sister is still with you and so very much wants to get her too….she keeps checking to see if she has found a home…I’m hoping (probably as much as you are) that she finds a home soon…peer pressure could give in and we finally have Maile house trained..  Thanks for everything.  Rogers-Higa Family 7-2007

We've been calling her "QueDee" (Falko x Zango, whelped 02-14-07) like cutie -
I would like to put QD Pea on her papers.

Ted and Laurel at Alpha 9 Kennels has helped me chose the right puppy.  I gave them a general description of what I wanted my future companion to be like and they started from the very beginning starting with picking the parents. Then they emailed me when the puppies where born - Valentines Day! I was feeling kind of down that day then found out my puppy was my Valentines gift. All of the puppies were watched closely - when I went to pick up my puppy Laurel went over the characteristics of each one down to the type of fur that would be good for house dog. I would most definitely get another puppy and tell everyone that wanted one to get it from Alpha K-9 Kennels.  Getting QD from you has been the most pleasurable experience I have ever had! I am in love with my sweet puppy - she is the perfect one for me. BJ Adkins  Kaaawa,Hawaii 4-18-07
It's me, Jodi Sasaki, owner of Koko (female shepherd, born April 1995).  I am going though some old documents and came across our original invoice for our first dog Gigi and thought to get in touch with you.  I wanted you to know that although 'an old lady', Koko continues to be a wonderful companion for our children and great security guard.  She has enriched our lives in ways that I never expected and as we move towards her golden years, enjoy her excitement, even though she has arthritis.
Wishing you a great day :)! Jodi 6-2007

(Q litter female Mouser.) She’s already getting better with the cats!  She doesn’t bark much at all anymore at them and just runs towards them a little.  She’s Greg’s little shadow.  We are building a house on our property and she follows him around all day long.  If he goes up on a ladder or walks away, she starts to cry.  Everyone who has met her is amazed at how well behaved she is.   

Thanks again for such a great pup! Emily 5-2007 Hilo, Hawaii

Aloha Laurel, This is Leah Ketchum, I purchased a wonderful female puppy from your “M” litter (Basko x Zango vom Younghaus)  last year. I just wanted to send you a few pictures of her and tell you what a joy she is in our lives! She is such an amazing dog! Everyone who sees her mentions her beauty and even temperament. Thank you so much for your dedication to quality animals and for picking the perfect puppy for our family!  Mahalo, Leah and Jon Ketchum 2-2-07

I( Ed Engel-from Maui) purchased a GSD from you in 2004. A Female, Sable, born 6/6/04, from a "D" litter. I believe we spelled her name "Dodee".

The reason for this E:Mail is that I am unable to read her tattoo, and need this info to renew her dog license. So if you could please check your records and get back to me I would be most appreciative. 
 Just to let you know......Whitney(that's the name we chose to call her by) is the sweetest tempered, loving, and bar-none the most LOYAL dog ON THE PLANET!!!!!  That is; to all our family members, and other pets.  However; she is very protective of her family and our property.  When I'm home, she is my shadow, otherwise she shadows my wife, and if she's not home, she follows my Mother-In-Law around. She's REALLY smart; you can actually see it in her eyes when she is figuring things out. She always minds, is very active, and of course...............is ALWAYS so happy and overjoyed when anyone of us returns home; even if we've only been gone a short while.  She also enjoys giving doggie kisses to any and all who will let her.  And I say that dog saliva is better than any medicine, doctor, or shrink! Thank You Ed!  2-1-07

Thanks for sending Onex (Prandy and Zoya 2006) to us; she is perfect for our family.  She is also the smartest most trainable dog I have ever seen.  She slept through the first night, waking us up only once to take her out.  She never cried in her crate.  The second night, she woke us up twice.  So, she was waking us up to take her out since the first night home.  After the the second night, she has slept all the through every night without incident.  I attribute this to the breeding conditions and prep work done in advance of sending her here.  I really think separating them at 7 weeks was the key to her succesfully blending in perfectly on her first night.  In her first 2 weeks, she has learned to eliminate on command, come when called, sit, lay down, and sit before entering or exiting doors.  She is a breeze to train.  Her prey drive is crazy too.  She stalks my wife and me constantly.  She chases everything in sight with enthusiasm.  As soon as we finish her shots, we are joining a Schutzhund club in order to bring her to her full potential.  We can't wait to get Phantom from the "P" litter.  I know you will put in the same work to have him fit in just as nicely as Onex.  A friend came over the other day after he just bought a dog a couple of days before.  After seeing Onex, he returned the dog and will be purchasing a dog from the "P" litter as well.  Once he saw her crouch down and stalk me, then lunge at me when I ran at her, he made up his mind.  Most 8 week old puppies wouldn't have that kind of drive.  Thanks for a companion who will be with us for years.  You may use me as a reference if you would like.  I would gladly speak with anyone concerning my experience with Vom Younghaus.

 Aloha, Chris Carpenter 1-25-07

Hi Ted and Laurel and Family, Merry Christmas.  Well we finally got around to taking a family picture including all of the "furry" children and Niko(Jago and Basia 2006) came just in time.  As you can see he was still a baby. Now Niko is more like a teenager and going through his awkward stage but still very cute and loveable.  We have been very blessed by having him.  He has all of the qualities I wanted. (Thanks for picking the right dog for our family, again).  He's mellow and very easy to train.  The one thing that I did not expect was Sasha (Dax and Zoya 2002) to change.  Now she has mellowed a lot and taken on a motherly role with him.  Even trying to disipline him at times.  It's Wonderful.  Again, I have nothing but GOOD things about your folks and your dogs.  I am happy and very blessed to have both Sasha and Niko as part of our family.  Love,  The Gomes Family Maui 2006

Hi.  My wife and I bought a female GSD from you less than a month ago.  We are both so very pleased with the dog.  She is a real blessing.  She is strong, good drive and already
showing a high level of intelligence at only four months.  We also have a 8 month Belgian.

I am interested in taking classes so that I may better train both my dogs.   I do not know if you offer this type of training.  I have only recently discovered schutzhund and I am very interested in learning to work with my dogs to their full potential.  If there are any available classes, like I have described, I would be very interested in attending.  I would like to know prices for something like this and how I can get started in this wonderful sport with my dogs.
Also when is the next available board and train date and how much would the total cost be for one dog for 28 days?
Any and all information you would be willing to give is most appreciated.  Thank you once again for the wonderful puppy. Layla Vom Younghaus is a remarkable animal and quickly taking my heart.    
stan matlock 07-14-06

Hi Laurel,
Just thought I'd let you know that Sheba...09/07/03...(Ahron Vom Emsbogen x Hualani's Dragon Lady) just got her AKC Novice Rally Title... I'm so proud of her. We worked hard and it paid off. She sure taught me a lot about training GSD's. From now on everything is easy street.. What a Great dog.. She's fun, smart, raskel, willing to please, high drive, protective and good looking to boot. Everything you'd want in a GSD... Thanks to Vom Younghaus Kennels  I've got a great dog. I'll keep you posted on her advanced titles.. Mahalo and aloha to Ted..... ta ta Patty Holbrook/Maui, Hi. 06-22-06

We currently own Sir Wolf Vom Younghaus who will be turning 9 years old on June 16. We adopted him when he was 1 years of age from a gentleman who could not care for him, due to an extremely hectic work schedule. Wolf is the absolute best companion we have ever had and we are interested in adopting another black GSD. Wolf has an outstanding disposition, temperament and is just an unbelievably loveable dog. Can you please let us know if there are any plans for another litter that includes all black GSD puppies? If so, when do you expect the litter? We are interested in another male.
Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated. Amy and Dan Urban
Sellersville, PA  05-03-06

I want to thank you guys for the best dog we have ever owned.  We get compliments where ever we go.  Vi Stryder vom Younghaus (Wolfman X Fullhouse) is our best friend and watch dog.  He was always a smart dog, but your 28 day boarding and training program really made all of the difference.  He now listens when we give him a command on the first command.  He does not jump on me, the family and our guests.  I can walk him calmly for a mile each morning and I am truly enjoying his maturity.  We wish we sent him to the training program sooner! I will recommend this program to our friends with dogs.   It is such a benefit in so many ways. The only bad thing is that we missed him but it was well worth missing him because the result is  a fantastic, well behaved, handsome German Shepherd.  He is a special part of our family and now he behaves like one!!
E. Poolman- Kamuela, Hawaii 6-04

Dasko at 19 weeks is doing great.  He is a fantastic puppy, such a fast learner and so willing.  His focus is phenomenal.  We are working on Schutzhund Obedience and it almost seems as if he already knows everything.  He has worked a few times in puppy protection and by the second time he was barking and biting like a pro and carrying the rag back to the car.  We have also been busy with socialization and he is not afraid of anything.  Jack hammers on the street, loud work trucks grinding up cement, joggers, rollerblades, people walking, etc., he is interested but not alarmed.  We are going to a puppy class at the local SPCA to give him some experience.  He gets lots of compliments, everyone is impressed on how focused he is and how fast he learns.  Also by how handsome he is!
At 13 weeks his ears were up and he started getting permanent teeth at 17 weeks.  He is very active.  He herds other dogs.  He has inherited a strong herding drive.  I am enclosing a few pictures.
We are extremely happy with him and feel very fortunate to have such an exceptional puppy.  Thank you both for breeding him and for letting us have him.  Thank Zoya for producing him and caring for him for his start in life.  We love him very much.
P. Rudner , Cypress, California 10-04
Here is a handsome photo os "Duke" when he was a year old.  We think he is so handsome and intelligent.  (Dax & Diamond) We love him to pieces.  Don't know what we'll do with out him.  He is such a great companion, goes everywhere with us.  He likes to ride in our convertible Jaguar and Mercedez, loves everybody.  Thanks so much for connecting Duke with us. 
W. & E. Frey, Wailuku, Maui, 10-02
Here is a long overdue follow-up on Fendi. She is now 10 years old out of Ork and Gala.  This is the nicest German Shepherd, in fact the nicest dog we have ever had.  She is just plain sweet.  Very smart, remembers her training.  We live on a dead end road and she just "hangs out", doesn't go anywhere except a few 100 yards to the beach. 
She still chases sticks to exhaustion.  Started acting a little more senior citizen 6 months ago, but is ready to do for a ride or walk anytime.  Had her fixed years ago.  Essentially she has never been sick.  AMAZING.  Just plain nice dog.  Enjoy the photos!
A. & J. Boissevain, Sequim, WA 9-04
I just had to call you today to thank  you for selecting my family the most exceptional dog!  Bambi Grace vom Younghaus (born Feb 14, 2004) has exceeded the expectations I had when I bought her at 8 weeks of age.  Since the day we picked her up at the airport in Kauai, she has been a joy.  She is so much fun, learns so quickly that at 6 months of age, she goes out surfing with me!  I really need to get you a picture of us!  She is so intelligent that she is on and off leash obedience trained already and always looks to me to do more!  She is 64 solid pounds and has substantial bone.  I want another one!!! 
G.M. DiBartolomeo.  Kauai, Hawaii, 8-04

Xena.  Just wanted to tell you how much I am in love with my new pup. Don't think you could of done a better job in picking one out for me then you did, she is so spunky and fearless, just so cute. Everything is fine with her and the other two dogs now, they occasionally will bark and growl at her, but they know not to hurt her.  She will get in tug of wars with Otis over Frisbee's, sometimes he gives in, but usually not, Well Thanks again for our lovely pup, we sure do love her. Debby

Kele is a perfect puppy in all respects.  He has brought much joy, laughter and happiness into our lives -- we very much appreciate your hard work and attention to detail that has yielded such a happy result.  We particularly appreciate the time, devotion and effort you have invested in the puppy class and will work diligently to absorb and apply the lessons you taught.  Each day brings a new appreciation for this special gift we have been given.  What a blessing! T & P. Stuart, Kohala Hawaii

"J" Jango vom Younghaus SchH3 (Omega x Zoya) am proud to announce to you that Jango Vom Younghaus and I have received SchH 3 this weekend with score 285. Schutzhund USA President, Jim Elder scored us 97, 91, 97. We will be competing at this years Nationals in Reno." J. Badillo.California

"Z" Zodi.  (Prince x Nicki) Hey guys! It's been a while since you've heard from us, now here in wonderful central Virginia.  Zodi is incredibly fast and flashy, and typically completes courses at 1/3 to 1/2 of course times.  We tend to have fast, clean runs and first places, or we don't qualify at all.  When we don't qualify, I can usually chalk it up to handler errors.  Besides competing, we have joined a newly formed agility demo team, which is going to be doing very flashy and entertaining routines with agility equipment to music.  We also participate in agility demos whenever the chance arises.  A few weeks ago, we did one at an International Polo Match, and we did a mini weave pole challenge.  Zodi did 30 weave poles in 8 seconds.  She is incredible.  You guys would be amazed if you met her as she is now at 5 years old.  My intensive investment in her as a companion and working partner have reaped untold rewards.  Her vocabulary and ability to communicate amazes everyone who meets her (and I'm talking about very experienced trainers and coaches).  She is incredibly interactive and able to seduce anyone to play with her, even those who don't typically like dogs.  When we run at trials, I get nothing but compliments, awe and envy from the other competitors and audience.  She knows every pet trick in the book, as well as many I've come up with on my own.  She is an amazing animal, and truly, is my heart.  I have learned so much by raising and training this girl!  I am no longer the absolute novice you met 5 years ago.  I've come to believe that in raising her, given her drives and character, I've gained much more than the equivalent of raising one dog.  I know that I will do even better with my next dog, which is almost hard to believe given what an incredible dog she has become (a lot of this has to do with the fact that I will be much more prepared to deal with the drives and nature of such a pup, and won't make some of the mistakes I made out of ignorance the first time around).

 Now that I have created the most wonderful dog I could imagine for myself, I plan to enjoy the results of this for as long as she's with me.  I've been doing a lot of thinking about my next pup, years into the future as that may be.  I consider Younghaus to be my breeder, and I can't imagine getting a pup from anyone but you guys.  That said, when the time comes, I will do a lot of talking with you guys to ensure that you once again will be able to select the perfect match from an appropriate litter for me.  I'm guessing that in any litter, even with the consistency you guys manage to achieve, there is variation in drives, and it may be possible to come up with something in this range.  (Alternatively, even with similar fight drives, I now know much better how to deal with that, and believe I could do so if necessary, when the time comes.)  After we've completed this competition season, I'll email you with our earned title's).  Thereafter, I'll probably do so after each season.  I visit your website from time to time, which continues to improve, and I love being able to see pictures of your lovely children.  They sure are growing!  I hope all is well with you guys in lovely Hawaii.  Zodi sends greetings...L. Merigian.

"T" Duke" (Dax x Diamond) "Duke has been with us for only a month and it seems he has been with us all the time.  Adopting Duke has been a fulfillment in our lives.  He is smart, clean, intelligent and a wonderful companion. 
He definitely comes from a good breed because he is fun and  made a connection to us as soon as he arrived.  He responds when we call him and has never left our side or sight since he came to us.  He sleeps through the night with no problems next to our bed in his own little bed with an old T-shirt and a chew toy.  We would not trade him for anything in the world. 
Thank you, Ted and Laurel for this wonderful gift."  W.& E. Frey

"Schatzi (Dax x Zoya) is doing great!  She is alert, focused, intelligent and a quick learner.  She is now 12 weeks and 5 days old.  
By the way, several people have been impressed with her and have asked where she came from.   We have recommended you highly and referred them to your web site.   Here's a more recent picture of Schatzi.....They're on the floor, not on the bed :)" G. Lisehora

"Rudiger (Dax x Asia)  I gotta tell you too, he is just the sweetest dog in the world.  I love him
almost desperately!!!  I just can't wait to get home and hug him.  And the vet thinks he's just wonderful too.  Our Schutzhund training is on vacation for December.   We'll go back in January.
Aloha!  And best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and 2002." M. L. Foy

"Heidi (Prince & Penne, 5/16/99) is known here at home as Lilly.  Lilly lives for the ball and her squeaky rubber hamburger.  " She has a wonderful, sweet spirit.  She is fiercely protective of me in particular, and is social, yet reserved, with strangers.  I believe Lilly not only brought joy to her "parents", but her "sister" Saydee was able to be weaned off medications she had been taking for two years for hip and digestive problems.  Saydee has not had any episodes since, and is in perfect health.  It is my feeling that Lilly is responsible for making Saydee a happier, healthier dog. It is because of the total satisfaction we feel about our purchase of Lilly, that we are contacting you regarding the purchase of another dog. Thank you again for our wonderful dog.  Look forward to hearing from you soon!"  J. Williams

"Here are the pix I promised.  Hope you like them.  Kika (Nats x Biene) just turned 1 year and I had her hips x-rayed.  Doc says they look great!  No problem with OFA.  Got to go, Thanks again for a Great dog and Friend."  B. Woodard

Our dog Max, Gatling vom Younghaus (Omega x Biene) is like nothing I've seen before and I've seen many good dogs.  He is absolutely crazy for any toy,  his grip is unbelievable and he comes in like a speeding bullet.  A dog like this should already be titled, he could progress so quickly if I lived closer to a club.  I drive 3 hours one way just to work him in protection.  This dog is a very strong serious dog.  He is always ready and willing to work.  J. Capella, Canada

"All is well with Angus vom Younghaus (Omega x Asia).  I hope all of your puppy buyers are
completely satisfied with their dog as much as I am.  Here are some photo's of my handsome best  friend." D. Sarkine

"You both have been so kind to answer all of my questions about training Luke (Omega x Asia).If you ever would like me to show him to a prospecting puppy buyer I would be happy to meet them.  Luke is such a great dog!  I would be proud to show him as he has the drive, solid nerves and is very nicely structured.  He is all I could ask for and more in a GSD."  

S. Masui, Honolulu

"Haku" (Prince x Penne) Hi, just a little update on Haku vom Younghaus,  Date of Birth 05/16/99  Sire: Prince von Haus Antverpa    Dam: Penne vom younghaus.   Haku is doing very well he just finished puppy class and will be starting beginners class in a few weeks. He is such a wonderful dog we feel privileged to have him as a part of our family. Thank you for making it possible.  A. Tavares

"I am so impressed with Zulu (Prince X Nicki) and (Alpha) Dax (Prince X Biene).  They are really super pups.  Zulu who is sound in every aspect of character and drive, Dax who has more drive than anything I've seen and is an excellent mouser to boot.  She is off the scale to anything I've seen before.  The helpers already laugh nervously wondering just how civil she will be when she matures.  It is a fantastic achievement to produce pups of this quality and I would expect you will receive orders for pups when people see the quality of these two."  K. Partridge  -  Tai-Pan Kennels  -  New Zealand

Zolita "Zoe" vom Younghaus (Prince x Nicki).   "At 12 weeks her personality is coming out well and my wife refers to her simply as "THE BITCH!"  She is definitely a confident pup and likes to have her way when she can.  She loves chasing the ball and her retrieve is quite good.   She has a nice bite and corrects her grip very well.  I know this because she usually has her best bites when the item in her mouth is my foot!!  She is a joy to have and I look forward to working with her when she gets older."  B. Ferguson   -  Newman, Georgia

"C. Hansel (Prince X Anja) is doing great.  Lots of prey drive, with an intense side but also the ability to settle down when play time is over.  I've started this puppy training.  He is learning to out and doing a mini-guard between the legs.   He is easy to imprint because he is very happy and easygoing and can have fun.   This hasn't been the case with my past Dutch Bouviers, and I'm liking the difference.  Hansel is doing Phenomenally well!"  P. Teale  -   Sydney B.C., Canada

"Our little puppy Brittania (Prince X Quirl) has grown into a beautiful dog.  Believe me, we could not have picked a better one: she has the best temper in the world and is the smartest dog I've ever seen.  We do have a great time together!"  P. Maillard  -  Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

"We are impressed and happy with the pup you selected for us.  Wolfgang (Omega X Anja) has transitioned well into his new environment, family and our schedule.  He readily adapted to our older dog and our three children.  The care and loving attention you provided during his first 12 weeks are readily evident-Wolfgang came accustomed to many of the sounds, smells, textures and situations in our environment.  His temperament is a plus."  The Lum Family  -  Honolulu, Hawaii

"We are very happy with the pup you selected for us.  Now that is what a German Shepherd pup should look like.   Large bone, erect ears, rich coloring and extreme food drive.  The flight did not bother Elmo (Prince X Ursa) he came out of the kennel wanting to Play!"  W. Choi  -  Honolulu, Hawaii

"Just wanted to let you know how incredibly pleased we are with Zodi! (Prince X Nicki) She is incredibly intelligent, just as I desired and she learns very quickly.  In short, Zodi is exactly the pup I was seeking for so long, and I am just overjoyed to have found you and your kennel and your wonderful dogs.   You have been so gracious in helping me to understand how to deal with such a high drive pup and get her started properly in our home, and also looking ahead to Schutzhund work.  Your consistent willingness to answer my questions so clearly and Patiently makes all the difference in the world.  She is the joy of my life.  Thank You!"  L. Merigian  -  Cincinnati, Ohio

"Anyway, the reason I am writing is that Hanna's ( Prince x Penne) left ear came up today and the right is following (almost there). She is such an exceptional puppy, we are just so thrilled with her.  Smart, cute and an absolute love but still very attentive and watchful. She really shows so many qualities that we never saw in Sadie.  I just had to report to you although I know you know all this.  Aloha" Gale Sansone - Hilo, Hawaii

"Bridget (Gundo x Rastha) now weighs 41 lbs.  The vet expects her to grow to about 85 or 95 lbs.  She is very active, and although I still do not allow her to remain with the bigger dogs all day long or at night, she loves to wrestle with them and is not intimidated at all.  She has been to a few Schutzhund practices (mostly for socialization) and during our last practice I had a helper use a tug to play with her.  Bridget was excellent!  She already had great strength and counters, her drive is very good.  I am ensuring that she remains ball crazy!"  Michael Phillips - Guam

"Jin" (Omega x Zoya) is doing VERY well and has tremendous potential as a working dog.  He lives to play ball and tug the leather rag (at this point he barks, bites with a full grip, and carries nicely).  He is also heeling like a little pro for the ball.  We have been daycaring him once a week to keep him exposed to new dogs, but he has proven to be a little to dominant for his own good-  he refuses to submit to other adult males and has rapidly mastered the art of leg lifting and marking when in their presence. Anyway, just wanted to let you know what was up and say hi.
The Garnhams - Manchester NH

"Hanna" (Prince x Penne)   Just wanted to keep you posted on Hanna's training.  Hanna at 8 months old is without a doubt an EXCEPTIONAL pup.  A very quick learner and the head of her class.  I will have her ready for Obedience Trials in June and two matches prior to that.  I'm betting she will have her CD by August.  What a joy to have such a smart girl.  She is so willing to please, a hard worker, lots of drive and attention and I only have to show her what I want and she does it.  Enjoy the pics. Aloha Gale - Hawaii

"Morgan" (Prince x Ursa).  He is a good dog, bright, and eager.  Then we have the arduous job of restraining his activity while he nags at us constantly with his ball in our lap or dropped on our reclining heads. Everyone loves Morgen and he loves everyone. Postal carriers, kids in strollers, delivery guys, and all the neighbors. Just an all around good dog to have. We are pleased owners... G & C Siegel

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